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Vapor Blasting Pompano Beach is rapidly becoming a top choice for high quality surface finish. This technique mixes water with the abrasive media for the blasting procedure. This type of blasting is generally recommended when dust suppression is a key objective and it delivers on this goal in two ways; the projectile is wet so it doesn’t turn to dust upon impact and the mist which accompanies the projectile moistens the coating or contaminant being removed from the substrate. A benefit of vapor blasting is that it is more gentle as the water adds a cushioning effect. The process also requires lower pressure and lower abrasive usage rates, providing a gentle cleaning effect ideal in many situations. Call Tru Colors Contracting today for your FREE Estimate!

Vapor Blasting Pompano Beach

Here at Tru Colors Contracting, our professional team will work hard and make sure your Vapor Blasting Pompano Beach job is done right. Tru Colors Contracting offers an eco friendly approach to blasting. Water vapor suppresses the dust by up to, or more than 90% therefore making it favorable to use on almost any application. From sidewalks to buildings vapor blasting can clean surfaces like block, brick, concrete, tile, asphalt, and stone. Vapor blasting can remove tough industrial coatings and corrosion without damaging delicate surfaces. This one-step cleaning and surface preparation saves hours of labor in otherwise tedious and difficult maintenance chores. Which in turn is much more cost effective for our clients.

Our Vapor Blasting Pompano Beach removes coatings, contaminants, corrosion and residues from hard surfaces. It’s similar to dry blasting, except that the blast media is moistened prior to impacting the surface. The main advantage of vapor blasting over dry blasting is that it reduces dust, allowing operators to work in a wide range of environments with minimal containment and cleanup costs. Resulting in cleaner,more consistent finished, ready to coat, with no embedded particles or clinging dust. Vapor blasting is alternatively referred to as wet blasting, wet abrasive blasting, slurry blasting, wet sandblasting and dustless blasting. Vapor Blasting is a non-aggressive process which removes dirt, contamination and corrosion and not the surface material.

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  • Our professional Painting services include:
  • Interior Painting: Ceilings, walls, trim, doors, shelving, cabinets, stairway fixtures, wood staining
  • Exterior Painting: Full exterior painting including deck and fence painting or staining
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Faux Finish
  • Textured walls and ceilings: Knockdown, popcorn, stucco
  • Drywall and plaster patches
  • Specialty Painting: Vaulted ceilings, 2-story entries and accent walls
  • Wood paneling

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