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Service for vapor blasting in Lighthouse Point is being increasingly demanded by homeowners and business owners, as they have come to appreciate that vapor blasting is in fact the cost-effective solution to the elimination of dirt, contaminants, residue and oxidization, that make buildings, sidewalks and other structures and surfaces, very ugly and unappealing. In any event, vapor blasting is also perfect in preparing surfaces for polishing or coating. Bear in mind, that the unique vapor blasting process, can be used in a the number of applications requiring the highest quality of surface finish. Make contact with us for a FREE estimate!

Vapor Blasting Lighthouse Point

Hire Tru Colors Contracting, today! Do so with great confidence! We fully assure you of a highly professional service team, the type of workers you can rely on, every time. Place your Vapor Blasting for Lighthouse Point in the hands Tru Colors Contracting and have peace of mind, knowing that we, here at Tru Colors Contracting, are highly experienced as vapor blasting specialists. We are proud to remind that we practice an eco friendly approach to blasting. We ensure that the water vapor produced in the process, suppresses dust by up to, or more than, 90%, therefore making the process ideal for use in almost any application.

Perhaps you are uninformed about the details of the vapor blasting process. Meet with us and discover that the process is safe, highly recommended by leading professionals and can effectively clean surfaces like block, brick, concrete, tile, asphalt, and stone. Vapor blasting can remove tough industrial coatings and corrosion without causing any damage. We, Tru Colors Contracting, use a blast cabinet, equipped with a heavy-duty pump, an exhaust blower and a skillfully designed nozzle system. Vapor Blasting offers a wide range of benefits for surface preparation prior to coating. Save money, time and effort when you wisely choose to book Vapor Blasting in Lighthouse Point from us!

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  • Our professional Painting services include:
  • Interior Painting: Ceilings, walls, trim, doors, shelving, cabinets, stairway fixtures, wood staining
  • Exterior Painting: Full exterior painting including deck and fence painting or staining
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Faux Finish
  • Textured walls and ceilings: Knockdown, popcorn, stucco
  • Drywall and plaster patches
  • Specialty Painting: Vaulted ceilings, 2-story entries and accent walls
  • Wood paneling

Call Tru Colors contracting today, to schedule your estimate and find out how we can help you make your next project spectacular!

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