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Stucco Waterproofing for Coconut Creek homes and businesses provides and additional layer of protection for your property. Tru Color Contracting specializes in providing this durable and affordable waterproofing service by sealing leaks and imperfections in your stucco. Our professional team will also conduct tests measuring the humidity levels inside your home or business in order to determine if there is an environment that could encourage the growth of mold and mildew. To learn more about our services and receive a free estimate, give us a call today!

Stucco Waterproofing Coconut Creek

Make the right decision for your property by calling Tru Colors Contracting for all your stucco waterproofing in Coconut Creek! Treating both homes and businesses, our certified building contractors will seal every leak and crack in your stucco by using a powerful sealant such as epoxy, silicone, firestop, urethane, or a sound barrier waterproofing sealant. Customer service and client satisfaction is the number one coal of our certified building contractors. You will not be disappoint in your decision to hire Tru Colors Contracting.

An investment on the front end can help to protect your home or business from costlier repairs down the road. At Tru Colors Contracting, our services for stucco waterproofing in Coconut Creek are conducted by our experienced team of professionals, ensuring expert craftsmanship throughout your project. Our dedicated team of certified building contractors will help to protect your property from damage from water intrusion. For your free estimate, give us a call today! With our diligent service, you will not regret your choice with Tru Colors Contracting.

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  • Our professional Painting services include:
  • Interior Painting: Ceilings, walls, trim, doors, shelving, cabinets, stairway fixtures, wood staining
  • Exterior Painting: Full exterior painting including deck and fence painting or staining
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  • Textured walls and ceilings: Knockdown, popcorn, stucco
  • Drywall and plaster patches
  • Specialty Painting: Vaulted ceilings, 2-story entries and accent walls
  • Wood paneling

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