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Sandblasting in Boca Raton can be an incredibly effective technique when it comes to preparing your building for a fresh coat of paint. When structures around your home or business property become encrusted with residue and debris such as grease, soot, rust, scale, algae, moss, water deposits, and more, our professional sandblasting services can quickly and safely clean, polish, and refinish. At Tru Colors Contracting, we offer excellent rates for our expert sandblasting services, which you can get a FREE estimate for when you call today. Sandblasting Boca Raton

Our fully licensed, bonded, and insured company is a leading source for many different kinds of Sandblasting in Boca Raton. Tru Colors Contracting can help you plan your project from the start, with cost-effective planning that can determine your timeline and budget. Our workers will always stick to the budget you define, and can offer a variety of services from interior and exterior painting to waterproofing, parking lot striping, historical renovations, and more. With the highest quality of tools and materials, you can expect long lasting results.

Choose from several different methods for sandblasting in Boca Raton, from glass bead blasting to aluminum oxide blasting. With glass bead blasting, we use delicate lead and silica free glass beads to clean and polish the paint or rust from your surfaces. This produces the ideal base for a smooth paint finish. If you have heavily damaged metal pieces to clean and reshape, our aluminum oxide blasting provides a more abrasive grain for an intensive blast. This can be useful as part of our heavy machinery coating options. Call today for more!

Tru Colors Contracting Services

  • Our professional Painting services include:
  • Interior Painting: Ceilings, walls, trim, doors, shelving, cabinets, stairway fixtures, wood staining
  • Exterior Painting: Full exterior painting including deck and fence painting or staining
  • Wallpaper removal
  • Faux Finish
  • Textured walls and ceilings: Knockdown, popcorn, stucco
  • Drywall and plaster patches
  • Specialty Painting: Vaulted ceilings, 2-story entries and accent walls
  • Wood paneling

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