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Graffiti Removal Services Services

Graffiti Removal Services using our vapor blasting methods are a popular choice with our customers. These techniques make any surface that is being treated look beautiful and finished. It involves mixing water with the abrasive media, which helps to keep dust particles away and efficiently remove graffiti. In this technique, the projectile is wet so it can't attract dust during the process. In addition, the projectile and mist accompany one another in a moistened application. It makes removing coatings, contaminants, and other substances a lot easier! Using lower pressure, and lower abrasive usage rates makes this method much more  gentle than others. To hear more call us today, and you will also get a free quote!

Graffiti Removal Services

Choose us for your Graffiti Removal Services and simply cannot go wrong! Tru Colors Contracting provides customers with an Eco-friendly alternative to traditional sandblasting. Water vapor blasting will keep at least 90% of dust particles away. This makes this technique a top choice for our customers. With vapor blasting it is much easier to efficiently clean block, brick, concrete, tile, asphalt, and stone surfaces. It is also very effective in removing aggressive industrial coatings and corrosion without destroying the surface. In addition, this technique takes less amount of time to do which helps you to save money.

Our Graffiti Removal Services removes unwanted materials such as coatings, contaminants, corrosion and residues. if you have a hard surface with graffiti on it, our removal services will be able to remove it. An added benefit of using vapor blasting over dry blasting, is that it decreases dust particles from touching the surface being treated. This makes it easier for our certified building contractors to clean. You won't have to worry about any clinging dust whatsoever! Vapor blasting is also called wet blasting, wet abrasive blasting, slurry blasting, wet sandblasting and dustless blasting. It is a non-aggressive way to remove unwanted substances from hard surfaces. Call us today to schedule your appointment, you will not regret it!

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