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To prevent major, costly damage to your buildings and other structures, consider professional water proofing by Tru Colors Contracting. While water is essential to sustaining life, it can cost thousands of dollars in repairs when the elements turn against you. Our team of qualified experts believe that preventing moisture from damaging your building in the first place is the best way to avoid these expenses. We offer a range of complete waterproofing services for structures of any size. Not sure which waterproofing service is right for you? Call us for FREE today and find out.

When it comes to water damage and prevention, our team at Tru Colors Contracting knows to act fast. Water penetration and intrusion can cause a variety of devastating expensive structural problems, many of which are irreversible. From mitigating water damage to interior fixtures and exterior structures, to preventing mold and mildew growth, our commercial water proofing services can help keep your company's assets dry and secure. Our certified building contractors have built a reputation of mastery across South Florida, and water proofing is no exception.

No matter the scale of your water proofing project, our team of certified experts can help! From start to finish, we will plan with you to scope our your individual needs and work hard to stay within budget and on time. Call Tru Colors Contracting today to find out more about our professional water proofing services and see how we can help keep your home's assets protected from costly water damage. Our team will give you a FREE estimate at absolutely no obligation.


Tru Colors Contracting Commercial Waterproofing Services

Regardless of the scale of your commercial waterproofing project, our team of professionals can help! Call Tru Colors Contracting today to find out more about our professional waterproofing services and see how we can help keep your company's assets protected from water damage.

  • Leak Detection and Repair: Our waterproofing crews are experts at detecting and stopping leaks before they cause serious structural damage.
  • Structural Sealants: Proper sealant selection and application is one of the most important aspects of creating a system that is watertight, insulating and cost effective. Options include silicone, epoxy, urethane, firestop and sound barrier waterproofing sealants.
  • Above Grade and Below Grade Waterproofing: We offer multiple options for above and below grade waterproofing depending on your property and individual project needs
  • Aesthetic Waterproof Coatings: Aesthetic coating options include elastrometric wall coatings, clear water repellents, pedestrian traffic-bearing coatings and vehicle traffic-bearing coatings.
  • Expansion Joint Installation: Vertical and horizontal expansion joint installation helps protect the interior and exterior of buildings from cracks and leaks caused by temperature fluctuations, seismic activity and other surface movement.
  • Through-Wall Flashing: Flashing system inadequacies are commonly misinterpreted as roof or window leaks. Our experts can assess your flashing system to help you avoid potentially costly problems such as interior finish damage, wall staining, sealant failure and leaching.
  • Vapor Barriers: Managing humidity is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of potentially toxic molds or fungi, and one of the best ways to manage humidity is the proper installation of vapor barriers.


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